David Cross Stand Up Comedy Special Upcoming

David Cross, Brad Williams, Reggie Watts, and More Announce Upcoming Stand Up Specials on Streaming Platform Veeps

November 9, 2023    By: Gutterhead Editorial

Established by Joel and Benji Madden, streaming platform Veeps announced its upcoming launch of its comedy vertical, showcasing specials from renowned comedians like David Cross, Brad Williams, Reggie Watts, and more. The company is affiliated with Live Nation Entertainment, of which their President of Comedy Geof Wills will contribute toward the success of the launch.

Veeps has been a platform for streaming performances to a global audience since 2018, featuring artists like Billie Eilish and Bob Dylan. The comedy content will be accessible through Veeps All Access, a subscription service, or by purchasing tickets to individual specials.

Bart Coleman, an industry veteran, has been appointed as the head of comedy for Veeps. Coleman brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at Spotify Studios and Comedy Central. He aims to deliver a premium viewing experience and artistic flexibility, connecting artists with a global audience.

“It’s exciting to see Veeps’ investment in comedy and the hiring of Bart. This expansion will help comics reach audiences in entirely new and different ways than what has traditionally been done before,” said Coleman.

Stand Up Comedy Specials Coming to Veeps

brad williams stand up comedy special

As reported by Variety, fans can expect the following upcoming stand up comedy specials:

  • ‘David Cross: Worst Daddy in the World,’ airing November 27
  • ‘Brad Williams: Starfish,’ airing December 21
  • ‘Katherine Ryan: Missus,’ airing November 17
  • Reggie Watts’ latest special, due in early 2024
  • ‘Mo Welch: Dad Jokes’ docuspecial, release TBD
  • ‘Blair Socci: Live from the Big Dog,’ airing December 1
  • Multiple sets from SF Sketchfest, airing January through February 2024
  • ‘Pod Meets World: The Kids Wanna Jump!’ event
  • Jessi Cruickshank’s upcoming special, coming in early 2024

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“People around the world love to laugh, even if they’re not able to attend their favorite shows in-person as much as they’d like to and I’m honored to be playing a role in bringing the comedic performances we all love direct to fans in their homes,” said Coleman. “Veeps is unique in that it offers a premium viewing experience, a lot of artistic flexibility and we’re high touch in helping artists bring their unfiltered creative vision to life and connecting them with a community of viewers globally — in my opinion it’s a much-needed, fresh approach when it comes to broadcasting comedy content.”

“We’re passionate about helping artists develop and build careers,” Madden says. “We by no means are geniuses or experts. We work hard and we love music, and we believe that there’s a place for everyone. If you have a dream and you have an idea, you should go after it. The work is worth it, the efforts worth it,” said Joel Madden.