Jamie Foxx teases stand up comedy return

Jamie Foxx Teases Return to Stand Up Comedy After Medical Complications

March 3, 2024    By: Gutterhead Editorial

Renowned comedian and actor Jamie Foxx recently took to Instagram to tease a return to stand up comedy, sharing a video of himself impersonating Prince in the earlier days of his career.

“PRINCE singing the Brady Bunch theme song was a moment… I’m planning on bringing more moments… Going to get on somebody’s stage somewhere near you. I got some jokes, and a story to tell….” teased Foxx.

Jamie Foxx Impersonates Prince


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Foxx shared this video, from the 2002 HBO comedy special ‘I Might Need Security’, after he’s kept a low profile from April to December 2023 after being hospitalized for medical complications.

Most known for films like ‘Ray’, ‘Collateral’, ‘Dream Girls’, or ‘Django Unchained’, Foxx’s return to stand up would be highly anticipated for his fans. Despite Foxx’s hints, a new special or tour dates have yet to be announced.

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Upcoming for Foxx, which can be seen on his IMDb page, include several heavy hitting movies and series, of which one includes ‘Tyson’ where he will play the titular character—though its filming has been delayed due to his medical complications.

Another anticipated movie of his was filmed with Cameron Diaz titled ‘Back in Action,’ which was halfway through production when Foxx suffered his complications. Since, the two were seen filming again in January, and Netflix has somewhat teased a 2024 release. However, that also has not been confirmed for certain.

Every Jamie Foxx Stand Up Comedy Special

For fans interested in getting a taste of what Foxx’s stand up comedy is like, check out:

  1. Jamie Foxx: Straight from the Foxxhole
  2. Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security
  3. Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked!
  4. The Foxx Boxx Collection (includes ‘Unleashed,’ ‘I Might Need Security,’ and the never-before-released ‘Foxx in the Foxxhole’)

As Foxx returns to his career, it’s only a matter of time before we see several of his in-the-works projects released, and hopefully a fifth special to add to his list.

Other upcoming works of his include: