dale gribble from king of the hill voiced by johnny hardwick

‘King of the Hill’ Actor & Comedian Johnny Hardwick Passes Away at 64

August 12, 2023    By: Gutterhead Editorial

Johnny Hardwick, renowned for voicing Dale Gribble in the iconic animated series ‘King of the Hill,’ has passed away at the age of 64.

Recognized for his significant contributions to the show, Hardwick not only lent his voice but also showcased his talents as a writer and producer. His association with the series earned him an Emmy in 2000 for the outstanding animated program, along with two other nominations.

Originating from Austin, Texas, Hardwick began his journey in the entertainment world as a stand-up comedian. His extensive involvement in the industry led him to roles in ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ and eventually to ‘King of the Hill,’ where he voiced Dale Gribble in 257 out of 258 episodes.

As the animation world mourns his loss, 20th Television Animation and Hulu expressed their deep condolences, highlighting Hardwick’s invaluable contributions over the past 25 years.

The cause of his demise remains undisclosed.

With a ‘King of the Hill’ reboot in the pipeline on Hulu, Hardwick’s untimely departure raises questions about the show’s future direction.

Johnny Hardwick Before King of the Hill

Before his prominent role in ‘King of the Hill,’ Johnny Hardwick began his career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian.

He hailed from Austin, Texas, and his comedic talents eventually led him to television. Hardwick’s journey in stand-up comedy and his subsequent roles in television paved the way for his significant involvement in ‘King of the Hill,’ where he not only voiced the character Dale Gribble but also contributed as a writer and producer.

Cast of King of the Hill

‘King of the Hill’ had a talented ensemble cast that brought the characters of Arlen, Texas, to life. Here are some of the main voice actors and their respective characters:

Mike Judge as:
Hank Hill: The show’s protagonist, a propane salesman and the father of the Hill family.
Boomhauer: Hank’s fast-talking, often unintelligible friend.

Kathy Najimy as:
Peggy Hill: Hank’s wife, a substitute Spanish teacher, and a self-proclaimed genius.

Pamela Adlon (credited as Pamela Segall) as:
Bobby Hill: Hank and Peggy’s naive, yet lovable, teenage son.

Brittany Murphy as:
Luanne Platter: Peggy’s niece, who lives with the Hill family after her mother stabs her father.

Stephen Root as:
Bill Dauterive: Hank’s balding, divorced, and often depressed neighbor and friend.
Buck Strickland: Hank’s womanizing and often unethical boss at Strickland Propane.

Toby Huss as:
Khan Souphanousinphone: The Hill’s next-door neighbor, originally from Laos.
Cotton Hill: Hank’s father, a WWII veteran.

Johnny Hardwick as:
Dale Gribble: Hank’s conspiracy-theorist friend who is unaware that his wife, Nancy, had an affair with John Redcorn for years.

Lauren Tom as:
Minh Souphanousinphone: Khan’s wife.
Connie Souphanousinphone: Khan and Minh’s teenage daughter and Bobby’s friend.

Jonathan Joss as:
John Redcorn: Nancy’s lover and the biological father of Joseph Gribble.

David Herman, Ashley Gardner, Tom Petty, and others also provided voices for various recurring and one-off characters throughout the series.

The show also had numerous guest stars over its run, adding to the depth and variety of characters in the world of ‘King of the Hill.’