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Kevin Hart ‘Reality Check’ Review: Knowdoubt About It Legend Continues to Bring the Funny

July 28, 2023    By: Cynthia Blount

Kevin Hart’s new stand up “Reality check”, which was released on July 6 which was also his 44th birthday is truly a treat.

A knowdoubt about it legend continues to transcend his brand through all entertainment venues.

Providing gut breaking laughs to all races and cultures, if anyone had a thought that the funny would be watered down because of his many ventures, boy are they wrong.

The stand up special continues to show his passion and joy for his craft.

He begins bringing the funny by bringing light to how what used to be a shameful secret is currently the standard for most. He goes on to pay homage to his recently deceased father, displaying the true meaning of celebrating life of the ones you love. He concludes with giving a hysterically told truth of one of the countries major issues. He eloquently embodies the titles of all his stand-up titles and shows he is not done yet.