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Jack Whitehall & Marlon Wayans Announced for Season 2 Of Just For Laughs’ VR Comedy Series ‘Surrounded’

December 7, 2023    By: Gutterhead Editorial

The innovative virtual reality stand-up series ‘Surrounded‘ is gearing up for its much-anticipated second season, set to premiere next month. This season promises an exciting lineup of comedians, including Jack Whitehall, Marlon Wayans, and Mae Martin. The series, which will unfold over six episodes, is scheduled to debut on the Meta Horizon Worlds VR platform, starting from December 29. This includes a special festival holiday episode that will be available from 10 am PT.

Recorded at the 2023 Just For Laughs Montréal Comedy Festival, the series offers a unique format where the audience’s interactions play a pivotal role in shaping the comedy, making every participant a potential part of the act. Originally conceived as a stand-up comedy show by Mike Falzone, ‘Surrounded’ has successfully transitioned into the Metaverse, offering a new dimension to stand-up comedy.

Cast of Just For Laughs’ ‘Surrounded’


Hosted by the charismatic Lil Rel Howery, the series boasts an impressive roster of comedic talents. Alongside Whitehall, Wayans, and Martin, the show will feature Fortune Feimster, Mark Normand, Chris Redd, Dan Soder, Jay Pharaoh, Meg Statler, Felipe Esparza, Rosebud Baker, Sam Morril, Joel Kim Booster, Hannah Berner, Nate Jackson, Brad Williams, Preacher Lawson, Sasheer Zamata, Brian Simpson, Steph Tolev, Annie Lederman, and Che Durena. Howery describes the show as a pinnacle of “crowd work and freestyling,” highlighting its spontaneous and interactive nature.

Spencer Griffin, Head of TV Development at Just For Laughs, emphasizes the show’s innovative approach, noting that comedy in the metaverse is a new avenue for artists to showcase their talent. He remarks that “Surrounded” not only provides an unparalleled experience for the artists but also offers the audience a front-row experience like no other.

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In an interview with Deadline, Marina Di Pancrazio, Chief Content Revenue Officer at the company, shared her excitement for the new season. She pointed out that Season 2 of ‘Surrounded’ stands at the crossroads of entertainment and innovation, thanks to their collaboration with Meta. Building on the success of the first season, the second installment aims to elevate the experience further and bring an incredible lineup of comedians to audiences worldwide.

“Season two of Surrounded finds us once again at the intersection of entertainment and innovation with our exceptional partner Meta. We’re always keen to outdo ourselves. This second season builds off the success of the first, delivering an elevated experience and incredible lineup of comedians to audiences.”

This blend of traditional stand-up comedy with cutting-edge virtual reality technology marks a significant step in the evolution of comedic entertainment, offering both performers and audiences a novel and immersive way to experience humor.