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Funniest TV Comedies That Get Super Dark

December 9, 2023    By: Gutterhead Editorial

In the world of television, comedy has always been a beloved genre, offering viewers an escape into laughter and light-heartedness. However, some TV comedies have dared to venture into darker territories, blending humor with themes that are anything but funny. This unique blend of dark comedy has given rise to shows that are not only hilarious but also deeply poignant and thought-provoking.

Here, we explore and rank some of the most outstanding TV comedies that have successfully incorporated dark themes into their narratives.

BoJack Horseman

At the top of our list is “BoJack Horseman,” an animated series that delves into the life of a washed-up TV star. The show is renowned for its brutally honest depiction of mental health, addiction, and the existential crises of life, all while maintaining a sharp, satirical edge.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag” is a masterclass in dark comedy. The show, centered around a young woman navigating life and love in London, is known for its raw, unfiltered humor and its exploration of grief, guilt, and the complexities of familial and romantic relationships.


“Barry” combines the unlikely elements of hitmen and acting classes. Bill Hader stars as a hitman who discovers a passion for acting. The show balances its comedic elements with dark themes of violence and moral ambiguity.

The Good Place

This philosophical comedy tackles the afterlife with a twist. “The Good Place” is lauded for its clever writing and the way it weaves in existential themes, ethics, and the concept of redemption into its humorous plot.

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Rick and Morty

An animated series that takes dark comedy to intergalactic levels. “Rick and Morty” is known for its absurd and often grotesque humor, coupled with an underlying commentary on human nature and the meaninglessness of existence.


Louis C.K.’s semi-autobiographical series “Louie” is a blend of stand-up comedy and vignettes of his life. The show is recognized for its unvarnished take on the struggles of being a single father and a comedian, touching on themes of depression and social awkwardness.

Orange Is the New Black

Set in a women’s prison, this show uses its setting to explore issues of race, sexuality, and the criminal justice system, all while maintaining a strong comedic backbone.

Dead to Me

A series about grief, friendship, and secrets, “Dead to Me” mixes humor with the exploration of darker themes like loss and betrayal.

These shows stand out not just for their ability to make us laugh, but also for their courage to confront the darker aspects of life head-on. They remind us that comedy can be a powerful medium for exploring and understanding the complexities of the human experience. In doing so, they offer a richer, more nuanced form of entertainment that resonates with audiences on multiple levels.