Best Stand Up Comedy Show in Montreal Every Tuesday

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Belly Tickle Tuesdays—A brainchild of Tim Kraft, where he, along with a rotation of talented comedians, showcases the essence of Montreal’s English stand-up comedy. Every Tuesday, doors swing open at 7:30 p.m., with waves of laughter commencing at 8 p.m., offering a mix of both budding and seasoned comedians. This isn’t just your average comedy show; it’s an immersion into Montreal’s unique comedic culture.

Best English Stand Up Comedy Show in Montreal

What sets this event apart is its welcoming vibe. Those who’ve been curious about exploring stand-up comedy will find the 3rd Floor Comedy Club a warm gateway. At just $5 for tickets on Tuesdays, it presents a budget-friendly journey into a realm of humor, intelligence, and pure joy.

Nestled at 2015 Rue Crescent, the venue radiates a cozy charm, setting the right mood for stand-up comedy. Be it locals seeking a refreshing mid-week break or tourists wanting a taste of Montreal’s comedy flavor, Belly Tickle Tuesdays ensures an evening filled with boundless joy and amusement.

The club’s prime spot in Montreal guarantees easy accessibility, making it ideal for those rushing from work or planning a special city night out. Couple that with a well-stocked bar, and you’ve got the perfect setting to sip and chuckle.

So, if an evening resonating with hearty laughs, friendly vibes, and exceptional comedy acts is what you’re after, the 3rd Floor Comedy Club on Tuesdays is your destination. Belly Tickle Tuesdays isn’t merely an event; it’s a homage to comedy, a nod to Montreal’s thriving arts culture, and an assurance of an unforgettable night.


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